Lindsey Wise Yoga

Earth and Sky Yoga

I’m an E-RYT 500 certified yoga teacher.

I teach a nurturing and intuitive yoga practice that I call Earth and Sky Yoga. The practice will help you relax and ground, while reaching higher levels of consciousness. I blend many styles of yoga including: hatha, vinyasa flow, restorative, yin, prenatal and meditation.

I also incorporate Bhakti Yoga—sacred songs and devotional music for the uplifting of the soul.

My Personal Yoga Journey

I grew up with a love for dance and creative expression. I began dance lessons when I was 3 years old and continued for many years, enjoying dance company after school and many musical, dance, theatre productions. When I was 14 years old I borrowed a book about yoga and was pleased that I could practice the postures. It wasn’t until I began traveling in my late teens that my journey of yoga began when I discovered meditation and pranayama.

During my first pregnancy in 2006 I studied with Blossom Birth and learned to teach pre and post natal yoga to fellow mamas while I co-managed a center for new and expectant parents. After my second child was born in 2007, I studied with Rainbow Kids Yoga in San Francisco and became certified to teach Kids Yoga. I was co-directing a learning center for children and loved offering children’s music circles, yoga, and creative expression fun for children and moms.

In 2009, I began to seek the next Yoga teacher training somewhere in the world that would allow me to teach adults and learn more about the sacred path of Yoga. After a massive prayer, I was given the gift of a comforting dream that
guided me and my family to Bali where I studied Hatha and Yin Yoga with School of Sacred Arts. I loved the course but knew there was much more to learn.

I also studied with Radiantly Alive Yoga School, learning Vinyasa sequencing and studying with many beautiful teachers from around the world. I enjoyed the transformational aspect of the training and I continued to work with RA and assisted with 2 more trainings. That said, I eventually found that the course was too masculine and mechanical, focused in the physical.

I also studied with and worked with Yoga Energetics, taught by Cat Kabira. I loved learning about the energetic flow through practice, focusing on the core, and really feeling into the movements of the postures, as well as weaving craniosacral energy flow and certification into the course. After becoming certified with Yoga Energetics, I assisted with two more of their awesome teacher trainings.

I’m passionate about Yin yoga and connecting in the deep levels of fascia, below the muscle, and am intrigued by all of the emotions and memories that lay stored deep within the body. These emotions are able to be released and even transformed when heard.

Having studied Yin Yoga with School of Sacred Arts, Radiantly Alive, and Yoga Energetics, I knew that I wanted to delve deeper in this modality. I traveled to Jakarta to study with Sarah Powers, a pioneer of Yin Yoga, and completed a module with her.

I’ve been blessed to teach classes and workshops for festivals, teacher trainings and retreats around the world. Forever a student, I love learning more while teaching and sharing this amazing practice of self discovery.

Yoga is a journey and a unique path for each individual. I honor each student’s body, mind, and spirit just as they are at this moment. Whether you’ve never practiced yoga before or you’ve been practicing all your life, you’ll fee; right at home in sessions with me.

My yoga classes are tailored to my students’ moment-to-moment needs. I remains in tune with each individual’s breath and alignment throughout the practice.

Private Yoga and Workshops

I offer private yoga classes, for yogis of all levels, in person and via skype. I also offer workshops, allowing groups to deepen their exploration of asana (yoga postures), the stories behind the asanas, and devotional music.

To arrange for a private yoga lesson or a workshop with me, send me a message.

Yoga for Beginners

If you’re new to yoga—or thinking about trying yoga—then you might understand the feelings of fear that this can bring. Even with all the health benefits that yoga offers, it can be intimidating, leaving you to think, “How will I ever be able to do that?”

It’s ok if you’ve never practiced yoga. I can make yoga something that is fun and accessible to you.

I understand that beginning a yoga practice is an amazing opportunity. I’ve helped countless beginners take their first steps onto a yoga mat. I understand what you need as you slowly immerse yourself in yoga.

Detox Yoga

It’s important to spend time to release the built up toxins and emotions.Yoga is a powerful complement to cleanses and periods of detoxification and renewal.

I guide groups and individuals through yoga sequences that are tailored to the body and mind’s needs during a detox.
I understand how the postures and a slow pace of a practice can influence the release of toxic chemicals in the body and toxic thoughts in the mind.

Bhakti Yoga

Have you ever noticed how music can make your soul shine? Devotional music and mantras have been used for thousands of years to heighten awareness and to produce feelings of euphoria.

By weaving mantras and stories with the physical postures of yoga, I help you cultivate a practice that is inspiring and full of life.

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