Yemaya – Goddess of the Ocean – Full Moon


Today is the celebration day for the Goddess & Orisha, Yemaya.  An African and Brazilian Goddess of the ocean, rivers, and all water.  She’s known as Mama Waters, a goddess who is said to have countless children, like the fish in the sea.  She’s known as a special protector of women and children.

She’s also known as a moon Goddess, and can aide in transformation as we surrender all that no longer serves and step up to whatever life is bringing for our next transformation.

Tomorrow, in Bali, we’re celebrating the Full Moon.  My daughter will be wearing her special ceremony clothes for a celebration at her school.  The full moon days are special and many of the people that live in Bali will be wearing their white ceremonial attire and carrying offerings and beautiful flowers to the temples.

During the time of the full moon, we may celebrate the opportunity to release what is no longer serving us.  This is a time for reflection and release.  A change of the tide, as the ebb and flow of life shifts and shapes us, transforming us into beautiful sea shells.

Today I visited the ocean and I said a prayer of gratitude for Yemaya and her powerful protection and love.  I offered a prayer for peace, in my own life and for all of humanity.

Take a moment to close your eyes and think about your own, personal transformation at this time.  What are you ready to surrender and release?  What are you ready to create and begin anew?  Now is the time, the time is now.

Sending love and blessings as we all ride the beautiful wave of life.