Every day = World Suicide Prevention Day

Today is World Suicide Prevention Day. Take a moment to look at this image and acknowledge what it brings up for you.


Before you read any further, take a moment to close your eyes and just…feel.

To sum it up, this man was our big brother. He was a fatherly figure, a romantic, comic relief, a hero, a grandmother, and to sum it up in a word, he was magical. No, he is magical. Yes, he still is. The magic that he inspired in our hearts and souls lives on. He lives on and continues to bring hope and compassion to humankind by his very nature. Through nature.

For many, our experience with Robin Williams’ death is as close as we’ve come to witnessing and experiencing loss through suicide. For far too many, it’s even more loss.

I feel a deep, deep sense of regret when I think of Robin Williams. There is a part of me that felt I should have done something more to rescue him. That the world should have done something more. As a human race, how could we have not helped this man that was able to help us all so much? Shouldn’t we have inspired him and taken a turn to bring him the laughter, joy, and inspiration that he selflessly and so organically offered to all of us? Didn’t he deserve that?

I’ve tried to push it away with positive self assurance, yet I still feel this sliver of regret when I think of him. Our friend.

Shortly before the suicide of Robin Williams I experienced something that hit much closer to home. A death and a suicide that shook me to my core. The death of my own big brother, Paul.

Paul’s suicide caused waves of feelings, grief, blame, and strong emotions. Whenever these feelings arise, I pause to feel them and listen to them.

Paul was only 22 months older than me and he was the epitome of Super Man. That’s how we all remember him. We all saw him as totally invincible and indestructible. Our hero. In fact, the last time we spoke on the telephone, shortly before his passing, he said, “What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger!”

Life felt like too much for him. It became too heavy of a stone to bear. He reached out for support and even began taking pharmaceutical concoctions from the doctor which resulted in a roller coaster of emotions and suffering.

It has been through deep meditations and connections with my brother’s soul that he has shown me the unbearable nature of his mentality and suffering at the time he took his life.

As someone who has never experienced any form of depression, I needed to understand what could bring someone to this state. And Paul needed to help show me what he had been experiencing. After feeling immense regret and self-blame for not having done more to prevent his suicide, I have come to a deep acceptance and understanding that this was not my heavy stone to bear.

Nor was it my big brother’s. Any of our big brothers or anyone who has chosen to leave this world as we know it. This pain and suffering isn’t meant to be carried on. I have faith that we’re meant to transmute this as a tribute, with love to those who couldn’t do it for themselves at the time of their passing.

This may seem like too massive a feat for us all to undertake and yet we can do this. Together.

First, take a moment to acknowledge that those who have taken their lives were looking for something that would release them. A way out. Freedom.

Last week a very dear and long-time friend took his life. His birthday was yesterday. So many of his friends and loved ones said that they wished we could have stood in a circle around him and told him how incredible, unique, loved, special and amazing he is! “Together we could have surely changed this sad fate from happening.”

The important truth is that our loved ones are still more connected to us than we realize–even after death. Sending them these vibrations of pure love and compassion is not only a gift to them but to yourself, as you’re able to focus your energy on these positive memories and then perhaps you’re able to not only forgive your loved ones for their seemingly untimely departure but hopefully even forgive yourself.

Take a breath. Imagine the ability to let that heavy stone and burden roll away from their shoulders. From your shoulders. Surrender that weight to whatever higher power you feel connected to. Because no one is to blame and that false belief is an old story. Together, let’s make way for the new way of conscious prevention of these experiences.

Statistically, there are more than 800,000 suicides every year and many more attempt it, as reported by the World Health Organization. What if everyday was Suicide Prevention Day?

Together, we can also make a difference and help other souls who are experiencing this heavy weight in this very moment, this exact present moment. Today is national, worldwide suicide prevention and a day that millions of people from all walks of life are mourning the deaths of their beloveds and are also coming together to help others. This is a wonderful way to focus our energy and transmute the pain and suffering.

There may be family members, old friends, new friends, people who have offered you some challenges and caused some frustrations, your neighbor, and countless other possibilities of people who are in need of your compassion and loving kindness. Today. Right now.

As Mahatma Gandhi said, “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

This world has brought unfathomable challenges and obstacles to us all. Every soul, every sentient being on this planet has witnessed some form of suffering and a time when we cried a river, an ocean, and felt that it would take ages for the sun to rise again. And yet it rises. And we all seemingly take turns with these experiences.

During the times when you’re feeling strong and vibrant, reach out and lend a helping hand to those around you. Near and far, because it’s all the same and we’re all connected through our hearts and through the Love that beats in the heart of all.

Are you ok? Do you listen to that voice within that tells you when somebody is in need? Are you able to forgive yourself when you may not have heard it?

People, are we ready to make the changes that we’re here to make? Yes!

Yes. I truly believe that we are and I’m honored to be living in this world with all of you. We already have everything that we need and by unifying we are stronger and can make anything possible. I have faith in this.

So many of you have stories and insights that are related to death and passing and I invite you to join me in coming together to share inspiration, wisdom, stories, poetry, songs, videos, art, and any other methods that can help people who are grieving, suffering, passing, or wishing to be inspired by the hope of Passing in Peace. Or, in overcoming depression and pain and overcoming thoughts of passing at this time.

I’ve created a new website, www.passinginpeace.org I invite you to contribute to or visit as you wish. A free sanctuary with insights and ways to access more peace.

If you’d like to contribute your story, art, music, or offering to this site, please contact me via the Contact Page.

You’re also invited to visit the Facebook page: www.facebook.com/passinginpeace
I’ll be sharing the content and insights in that space, too.

We’re blessed with countless organizations and groups of like minded souls online!

Sending Love and prayers for peace to you and yours, brothers and sisters.

Lindsey Wise