Wake Up *

Happy Monday morning!

Here is a song that literally came knocking as I was riding my motor bike.  I had to stop and pull of the road, press record on my phone, and this song flew through.

Listen to the beat of our Father’s drum
awaken now, child, the time has come
Listen to the rattle of Grandfather time
telling the stories of seasons rhyme
Listen to the songs of our Mother
come on together, sister and brother
Open your heart, she’ll fill your cup
The Grandmother’s here to wake us up

We’re gonna wake up
We’re gonna Rise up
Gonna Fly Forevermore
Wake up, it’s time, she’s knocking at your door

It feels as though this truly is the time for everybody to wake up, remember, inspire, and follow through with whatever it is that we’re meant to be creating.  Our mission.  Our dharma.  Our soul purpose.  Whatever is simmering on the back burner is ready.  Activation.  The seeds are blossoming.  I’m excited with the thought of everybody awakening to full potential.  Yes please!

We’ve just celebrated the Tibetan & Chinese New Year, bringing in the year of the Wood Sheep.  According to MysticMama.com, “The Wood Sheep brings a feminine Yin energy of togetherness which strengthens relations and inspires community-building as collective/group consciousness comes to the fore. All acts of kindness, cooperation, healing and creativity are encouraged!”

Along with this song I offer a prayer for all humanity to truly wake up.  May we open our hearts to love, may we share love, may we be love, may we rise up, forevermore.
May we Wake up!