What People Are Saying About Lindsey Wise


tylertolmanMy name is Tyler Tolman and I run what many consider to be one of the best healing/detox programs on the planet. This is because I source some of the best healers from around the world and Lindsey Wise is one of these healers.

I don’t have words for what Lindsey does but it is deep emotional and physical healing that takes place from her work. She is an absolute angel and not only this but facilitates amazing healing sessions with music, vibrational medicine and much more.

You will not be disappointed if you decide to work with her and I just hope she doesn’t get to much other work as I hope to have her at my programs for years to come.”

— Tyler Tolman, Heal-Thy-Self Retreats


KateReardonLindsey Wise is a gifted healer, an insightful and educational yoga teacher with the voice of an angel. I have had the pleasure of Lindsey teaching within our fasting detox retreats in Bali and she is without a doubt one of the highlights of many of our guests and one of the best yoga teachers I have ever come across after being in the health industry and practicing yoga myself for many years all over the world.

Her innate ability to tune in to everyone individually within a group setting allows class participates to receive exactly what they need during her yoga sessions whether on a mind, body or spirit level.

Yoga with Lindsey is not just about stretching. Her classes take you on a journey which allows you to delve deep in to your own personal mind, body and spirit and really embody the ‘healing’ aspect of yoga, connection and oneness. She provides a healing space that is light, open and fun whilst simultaneously deeply transforming on a soul level—a rare gift she delivers effortlessly and with pleasure.

As the ‘journey’ comes to a completion she gently puts you in Shavasana where she will sing to you sweet melodies from her soul that many times have moved me to tears of joy.

It is not just a class, it is a life-changing experience.

Furthermore she is blessed with a deep and intuitive wisdom and crystal clear intuition in which she facilitates spiritual healing sessions having transformative results with all her clients. Her musical talent and abilities knows no boundaries and she delivers song and sound in a way that is opens up your heart and mind to believing in miracles.

I can honestly say that Lindsey is a living Goddess who is sharing her light and love with the world in every way she can. Whether it’s through her yoga classes, her sharing of songs and music, or having a individual session with her once you have come in to contact with this amazing and inspiring woman your life will be enriched forever more.”

— Kate Reardon – Naturopath, Nutritionist, Energy Healer, Founder of Natural Instinct Healing


Greetings, my name is Charley Patton, Founding Partner & Programing Director for The Yoga Barn, in Ubud, Bali. We are a Yoga Studio & Community Center dedicated to personal transformation and growth for the spiritually inclined traveler.

It gives me great pleasure to provide a testimonial for Lindsey Wise. Lindsey has been a part of our community here in Ubud, Bali for the last ten years and has assisted us in varied roles including yoga teacher, group retreat and teacher training faculty, and Kirtan facilitator, all within our business at The Yoga Barn.

As a teacher, Lindsey is both versatile and talented; she teaches hatha, vinyasa, gentle, intro, meditation. Her classes are all popular and well attended. As a musician, Lindsey is sublime …. her facilitation of our Sunday evening Kirtans are nothing short of magic.”

— Charley Patton — Founding Partner and Programing Director, Ubud, Bali


simone-mackayI have had the pleasure of knowing Lindsey for some time now, both personally and professionally. I always find delight in knowing that Lindsey was the first yoga student to ever sign up to our, at the time, blossoming yoga trainings in Bali. She was like the fairy angel who blessed the way! Since being a student with us (she was already a knowledgeable yoga teacher at the time), she has confidently moved on to being one of the respected teachers on our team.

Lindsey is a gifted yoga teacher and healer who exudes wonderfully deep undercurrents of a shamanic essence which is all wrapped up in playful sweetness. Her voice perfectly encapsulates the different energies that course through her, both sparkling with angelic presence and plumbing the depths.
Lindsey’s gentle yet confident nature allow her to hold space competently for large groups as well as individuals, who are willing to dig deep as they move through their healing journeys.

I’m always pleasantly surprised with Lindsey’s offerings as she has the ability to weave a lot of magic through the seen and unseen realms.

Simone MacKay

Co-Founder & Director of Teacher Training of School of Sacred Arts


bradkorpalskiOk—this might seem over the top, but trying to “capture” Lindsey through descriptive language is a bit of an incomplete endeavor. Surely there are words to do her justice—words like nurturing, gentle, intuitive, angelic, musical—they just paint a picture that isn’t fully comprehensive.

We’ve worked with Lindsey in a variety of settings and every time she delivers in unexpected ways. She is so incredibly attentive to every minute detail, and intuits people’s personal barriers so well, that she effortlessly navigates through the triage of (individuals) limiting beliefs to get the best out of everyone she’s around. She does this in the most protected of realms, such as musical creativity. I stood in a circle with her and 20 very uncomfortable musical novices…and she had us howling like hyenas in a matter of minutes—not a care in the world for anyone involved.

I could go on, but if you really need to hear more about her just send me an email—I’d be happy to offer more.”

-Brad Korpalski, Co-founder Pure Immersions


WhiteStarLindsey Wise is a beautiful soul, both inside and out. She is an ancient wise being and a youthful fun sprite all wrapped up in one. Her healings are magical, and when she sings, you can feel the angels coming down to earth to bless us all. She is a patient, loving, compassionate yoga teacher, and celebrates each individual in their own right.

She is a gift in my life, and her lovely spirit will help this planet so much.”

— White Star (Lino Alelyunas) – Internationally Acclaimed Psychic, Medium, Medicine Woman, Healer and Interfaith Minister


ilonaselkeLindsey stayed as a Yoga Teacher at Shangri-La and was love by all the guests as well as the staff. Her very warmhearted nature that included everybody and made everybody feel cared for and love, made her a teacher that was more than just a teacher. She offered her loving presence to all and created an angelic environment for healing to take place. Lindsey is an inspiration, a wellspring of love, as well as a skilled teacher.”

— Ilona Selke


kailashkokopelliLindsey Wise holds an amazing presence through her graceful emanation of song and beauty. It is a delight to be in her company on stage – humble, alert, gifted and dedicated in devotion. Wonderful qualities of a wonderful singer.

— Kailash Kokopelli


I met Lindsey at Shangrila. After talking to Lindsey about the latest tragedy in my life at the time, she kindly offered me a healing in the temple where she taught the yoga classes. I accepted; I had nothing to lose, and she seemed so kind and pleasant, there was this glow about her and something about her helped me to feel calm and relaxed in her presence, I trusted her. And hey, I was willing to give anything a shot, I was a broken mess.

We agreed to meet in 1 hours time, and I sat and pondered over what on Earth could happen in a “healing” whilst I finished my breakfast. I had never had any “healings” and the techniques she mentioned – craniosacral, Reiki and visualisation, didn’t mean too much at the time. I remember being open to trying it, but had no real grandiose expectations.

I walked into the temple a burdened, broken, sad and lonely girl – I was a mess. I had not smiled authentically in a long, long time, and my eyes had become unrecognisable to me – they had this haunted look that made me very sad. And my face and body were not what I remembered – I felt ashamed when I looked at myself naked in the mirror. Gone was the sexy confident girl I knew, and in her place was this tiny pale frame that looked like skin and bones… there was no life in it, or me it felt.

I was the definition of stress and I had nothing to lose. So in I walked.
I lay down on some mats she had laid out on the beautiful Balinese floor, and as I did she placed a couple of pink crystals on me and in my hands and began to talk me through a visualisation.

There was something about this woman’s voice that helped me relax. I found my breath deepening and oxygen start to enter places that perhaps had not had a glimpse of a workout for months, if not years.
I started to relax and sink into the mat as she held my hand, and I drifted off into this magical land she described – following her voice as I created the images she asked of me while I lay there a tiny fragile broken girl.

I was in there for about an hour and half, and I walked out with a BOUNCE IN MY STEP. I actually smiled at the end of it. I sat up and SMILED – a REAL AUTHENTIC NATURAL SMILE. I thought I had just experienced magic, and quite frankly I had.

What happened in that room was nothing short of incredible. It was life changing, it was positive, it was tremendously healing and energising, and it helped empower me on to step onto the path of hero’s journey. I retrieved courage, faith and love inside myself that perhaps had not ever been uncovered, or had long ago been trampled into fragments of my imagination.

I felt alive, and I had a bounce in my step for the rest of my stay. A sparkle had begun to glisten in my eyes and I felt SO MUCH LIGHTER. It was like a ton of bricks had lifted off my 45kg back, and suddenly I was free to hear my own thoughts… and daydream again. Oh boy did I daydream, just hypnotised by this lightness I felt in my body, mind and soul. I felt so incredibly different, so … alive.

Meeting Lindsey at Shangrila, and having the healing with her changed my life. She set me on a path I never knew existed and with her love, generosity and compassion I was able to re-light a spark inside of me that for a very long time had been out.

I have so much love, gratitude and appreciation for the light in this Woman, she will forever be a special person in my heart and I recommend anyone who is in her area to experience the magic of her presence for themselves.”

— Hayley Meskanen


ABOW picI have worked with healing practitioners of all kinds all over the world to help deal with a disabling illness and intense trauma from 2 months old. So I feel I am able to discern who the truly gifted healers are that I work with. I was amazed at first by Lindsey’s other-worldly angelic presence, and on our first session, she helped me to help myself out of a complete panic state in my body, connected me back to myself, and allowed me to feel almost instant transformation from the sadness and anxiety that had been running in my body for the weeks prior.

On our second session, she was able to tune in to so many parts of me – an old trauma as well as the present-day me and facilitate profound healing on an emotional and energetic level. In the week following our session I found myself FINALLY releasing the fear that had been with me since 2 months old, running my life in the background. I felt empowered and the empowerment lasted. Sure, doubts came and went, but I had a renewed sense of fearlessness, with the knowing that I had the ability to handle anything.

Lindsey uses a combination of modalities and is so confident and yet humble at the same time. I have no doubt her skills and her healing abilities are other-worldly. What I love about her is that she also infuses the session with encouragement of voicing your strong self. As we live in the same place, she is constantly reinforcing me with comforting words and reminding me that she has my back. I feel supported in a way I cannot describe by this incredible woman. She is a beautiful musician, and not only a healer for us humans but a healer for all of our planet. I feel blessed to have her as a friend and to be able to work with her!”

– Mona Motwani, Entrepreneur – CEO at Nidra Goods, Co-founder at Sparksf.org nonprofit, human rights and environmental advocate and activist


t-photoLindsey is a very gifted person and singing teacher. Her experience and knowledge in techniques related to music and voice, breathing and yoga, and her real healing abilities give you quite a different , enriching experience . At times it is a Journey…

She combines all of this in a very creative way, depending on your request, and her intuition, with spontaneous feeling to your person in the moment.

When I came to Lindsey for a singing lesson, I started talking to her about the blocks I still might have—insecurities with the voice. We talked of these fears, or residues of blocks, and then, with shamanic tribal instruments, used for sound healing where she also excels, she guided me on a vision of me in my journey: Native American, dancing and singing, powerful.

Lindsey is a lovely person, very giving, and with real compassion and feeling. She accompanies you. Her process is very creative, fun. Every session very different. I must say she has a lot to offer.”

— T.S. – Artist in Bali