Prayers for Peace & Remembrance

Prayers for peace and remembrance that we’re all connected through our blood & Love. Nine years ago, just after a beautiful and peaceful water birth at home, I experienced a complication and bled to death, visiting the celestial realm a couple of times. However, after I was resuscitated by electricity at the emergency room, I had one of the most profound experiences in my life. I had a revelation.

I had to lay in a hospital bed for 2 days receiving 5 units of blood. Our bodies only hold 6. My blood type is rare, RH Negative, and many blood banks and hospitals were called to rally enough blood for my refill. It was a lesson of patience and trust, to say the least. And it was a lesson of so much more, I’m not sure if my mere words can express it.

As I lay there nursing and feeding my beautiful new daughter and receiving blood I realized that we’re all filled with exactly the same thing. LOVE. The blood was a mixed bag, to say the least. I had no idea what race, religion, sex, age, or physical appearance any of the beautiful donors were. All I could feel was waves of LOVE pouring into every cell and every part of me. I was reborn and I believe that we can all feel the oceans and waves of love that transcend all time and space, connecting us with a bond that cannot be broken by confusion, suffering, or pain. We have the power to connect to the infinite ocean.

May we pray for everyone in the world, every part of the world, each and every soul that we may remember our connection and come back to our hearts that beat with a humble reverence, a beat and vibration that resounds within all beings. May the beat awaken us all to our true purpose, waking us up to our innermost knowing of our dharma, our divine mission, why we’ve come.

May we pray for those who have forgotten, who are confused, who most need the Love and Light that shines from our hearts. Your heart. Your families hearts. Your enemies hearts. Your neighbors heart. Your teachers hearts. Our hearts. May our prayers illuminate the light that shineth within all. May we all remember how to pray, a knowing that rests within us all.

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu ~ A Sanskrit prayer ~
May all beings be happy and free and may my actions and deeds contribute in some way to their happiness.

Here is a song prayer for You ~
Gratitude to beloved Chrystal Nathal, Tibetan Bowls.

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~ Aho Mitakuye Oyasin ~ For all our Relations ~