Me Too – Ho O’ Pono Pono

Me too. And from my heart I offer the Hawaiian  prayer, Ho O’ Pono Pono ~
I’m so sorry and I love you. Please forgive me and thank you.

Our inner and outer world is burning, exploding, flooding, and bursting at the seams with the collective consciousness that is so ready to purge, release, let go, and rebirth. Can you feel it? I know you can. And I have faith that we’ll rise together to transform our world into the kind of place we wished we could have grown up. You know, that fantasy land we all wished for. And yet, by uniting we can transform our fantasy into a reality. Because we can visualize it and see it so we can witness it and make it so. Together.

My prayer is for my children and all of the men and women in the world to remember who they are and to remember who the divine feminine is. Remember from whence you came. Remember the sacred womb that has birthed you and gifted you with this precious human existence. This is a miracle and not something to be taken advantage of, this wonderful life.

And yet the time has come to move beyond prayer. The time has come for a call of action and with every “Me Too” post I witness, which was pretty much my entire news feed, I can feel all of the men and women of the world coming together in truth and vulnerability. Being raw and real. This takes true courage and from my heart I sincerely thank you all for your truths.

You’re likely wondering why on earth I have posted a photo of my precious sons with this post and I’ll tell you exactly why. Because every soul is precious and comes from the essence of LOVE. I’m calling forth a remembrance of the little boy in all the men. In order for someone to cause violence, pain, and suffering, it is highly likely that they have experienced these sensations themselves. So many men are also saying “me too.”

So many men have grown up with fathers who were abusive, alcoholic, non-present, and who normalized pornography and prostitution so that from an incredibly young age there have been countless boys who were programmed into thinking this is normal.

Sadly, still to this day, public breastfeeding is shamed and considered offensive when mothers are offering their beloved children the nectar that nature has created for them to thrive. All other animals are able to nurse their young freely and this is a sacred and beautiful offering. And yet because the breasts have become so sexualized, this is no longer accepted by society.

The film industry has created films with more violence than should ever be fathomed by any age, and yet there are many children and youth who are watching films that are far too terrifying and inappropriate for myself and I’ll dare say all other adults. There are horrible ideas implanted through films that are acted out in our reality time and again.

In America, there are guns given like candy and the suicide rate and mass shootings have gone through the roof. My own brother has taken his life because the pain and suffering of his earthly existence was too much for him to bear.

Statistically, every one of the people who have acted out the unthinkable damage of shootings and public violence have been on prescription medication from the pharmaceutical companies. They have not been in their right state of minds and obviously the chemical concoctions were not the answer to the healing their souls are pleading for.

And so now I plead with you, if you have read this far, to allow this time of great transformation be the awakening that our humanity is praying for. Allow yourself to open up to the potential of forgiveness so that you too may be forgiven.

Our souls are ancient, our energy has been here since before the dawn of time. I’ve had the blessing of a near death experience by bleeding to death after giving birth to our beautiful daughter, the daughter that I’m 100% set on protecting, and I witnessed a miracle before I was resuscitated. There are multitudes of light beings all around us, below and above, who are filling us up with more love and more light than you have likely experienced in this lifetime. So great was this love that I was truly ready to stay in that celestial realm forevermore, although I was meant to be here with you.

Here. In this moment. Writing these words and unable to sleep at midnight until I’ve written them and joined the crusade of my sisters to let you know that I too have experienced what felt like a terrible injustice and I’ve literally spent more than half my life focusing on healing and forgiving, letting go, and coming back into the heart of compassion.

And yet I cannot forget and neither can any of you. That’s the power of our minds. And because our minds are so incredibly powerful we have the power to shift the way of the world. Together.

And because I spoke of the warriors of light it feels important to testify of the demons and monsters I’ve witnessed who are SO hungry for a human experience they will stop at nothing to try to overcome and possess you into giving into the most disgustingly foul and unimaginable temptations. They prey on your shadows and with the use of drugs and alcohol you are opening your space and allowing these energies to create a home within you. Without being conscious, their thought forms may seem like your own. Because there is a balance in our universe, there is an equal amount of darkness to amount to the light.

People of the world, we come from the light. Our human experiences have shaped our shadows and because we’ve been journeying together for eons, we have all played countless roles in the unfolding of this world.

How much longer are we going to continue this? Aaaaahhhh. Forever.

And yet I pray for the sake of all sentient beings of the universe, for my children and the inner child in each and every one of you, that we can keep doing this forever in a way that shines true to our true nature and our divine essence. That’s why we are here. To love. Love is really all we need. The Beatles had it right all along!

Love and also being conscious beings who are fully in our right power. Our righteous power.

Take just a moment to place a hand over your heart and take several deep breaths. Say, This is my space and I am here. If you can feel anything that doesn’t feel like it belongs, say, “You’re not allowed to be in my space. This is my space.”

Feel your feet ground deep into the earth and feel your roots connect to the gravity and unmeasurable love of Mother Earth, Pachamama. She’s holding all of our ancestors and she’s blossoming forth all who are yet to come from your lineage. Our linage. Please send her gratitude and Love.

Feel the crown of your head connecting to Father Sky, Pachakama, and feel that powerful masculine presence that is nurturing and supporting you just as much as the earth. Please offer love and gratitude to father sky and the celestial mysteries of the universe.

Bring your awareness into your heart and breathe, feeling into your heart that is your true teacher and guide. This is your bridge from heaven & earth, earth & sky and also within your heart you balance the divine masculine and feminine. Yes, we all have our masculine and feminine natures and I invite you to offer that Ho O’ Pono Pono prayer to both your inner masculine and feminine. I’m so sorry and I love you. Please forgive me and thank you. Breathe and say it again as many times as you need.

Go back to that child or adolescent or adult within you that experienced any kind of abuse or harassment and offer this prayer to this as you hold their heart, your heart, our heart. Feel it beat with LOVE. Feel it reverberate and resoundeth from within and feel your gift and the power that you have been bestowed. Wow. You’re amazing, beautiful, talented, compassionate, and all of the wonderful things that you’ve dared to dream. From my heart, I thank you for being who you are and offering yourself to our divine universe. There isn’t another like you and there never will be. I love you for who you truly are in your heart of hearts.

Because I love you so much and I have faith in our worlds healing I’m going to offer you a gift. Here is the link to an extensive 45 minute Chakra energetic healing session that is truly transformational. If you’re new to meditation it may put you to sleep, as I’ve been told, but your subconscious and our conscious collective will still be soaking up these vibrations like a biscuit.

May this seasons change, the turning of this tide be the medicine we need to heal our souls and to come together to rise and transform in love, integrity and grace. We’re all on the same team after all so let’s come together.

If you’re still using single use plastic PLEASE stop and prettiest please buy a water bottle and fill it up with our most precious resource and put energy into helping save our water. Plant seeds and become conscious consumers, learning about the big corporations you’re supporting and feeding…remember the monsters and parasites I mentioned? Yikes. Anyway, that’s a whole other post.  😉

If you’ve read this far then you get this link and a giant virtual hug from yours truly. Sweet dreams from Bali!  💚

Lindsey Wise

Healing Chakra Meditation:


Also, here’s my version of the ancient Hawaiian prayer, Ho O’ Pono Pono: