Honoring Mothers Day


It is on this mothers day that I feel so deeply for all who have lost their mothers. For all who are wishing to hug, telephone, and connect with mothers who have journeyed beyond this time and space. To feel the warmth of your blessed mothers hug. To hear her laughter and song. Because you love so deeply, the world feels you. We are with you. And so are all mothers with their children, connected beyond time and space.

I feel for the mothers who have lost children, who are grieving and mourning the missing sweet telephone call, the picture, snuggles, pitter-patter, cards and flowers, the Love. And yet, weep as tears must flow…but may you find peace and solace in knowing the truth, that your beloved children are still with you. May you bask in the glow of their memory and may their presence, laughter and songs warm your hearts forevermore, filling your cups to overflowing. Bless you, mamas.

I feel all of you beautiful women who wish for children, who have been on journeys to manifest the children you long to nurture.

We are all children of the earth, mother of all, and to the earth we shall return, offering our bodies at the predestined time whilst setting our souls free to fly for eternity. Together.

Not just some, but all. All beings share this divine birthright. We’re all connected, all a part of the roots of the ancient tree of life that has planted seeds within our souls and beckoned us to grow, shine, climb, dig our roots deep, and LIVE!

We are children of the stars and to the stars we are connected and shall return in divine time to celestial realms, soaring highest heights and blessed freedom. Together.

Although in this lifetime my mother’s alive in this realm on this mothers day, I know that there shall be a time that she has flown beyond the veil. And although I have two healthy children who are nestled into their beds dreaming sweetly on this Mothers day, and I have a third child within my womb that’s avacado sized, who’s swimming and jumping around, this is the gift of this precious moment.

I offer gratitude with my whole heart and soul and I also accept the truth that I don’t own any yesterdays or tomorrows, nor this moment. It is by thy grace, Great Spirit, that we have this breath, this life, this gift.

Precious, this gift of life.

I offer a prayer that we may all offer gratitude for the stepping stones along the journey of life that have brought us this far and helped us transform into the souls we’re born to be. Each joy and each sorrow is a gift, a challenge, a blessing to be cherished and nourished.

Sending Love to all mothers and children on this day and always.
And yes, every soul has an inner child.