Ganesha [Video]

lindsey-ganeshaSalutations from Bali, Indonesia ~ the magical “Island of the Gods”.  It is such a pleasure and also a great honor to live here on this island, where the veil feels so thin, and where ceremony and prayer are held up in highest regard, where offerings are made throughout homes and temples daily, and where the spirits of the land and the vibration of Mother Earth pulses strong, bright, and true.

This is Bali, the only Hindu island out of 13,000 islands here in Indonesia.  This is truly a sacred space.

At the entrance of most of the Balinese family compounds and businesses you’ll find a large statue of Ganesh, Lord of the Yogis and Remover of Obstacles.  He guards and protects, offering peace to all who enter.  I have yet to come across a yoga studio/shala that doesn’t have a statue of this benevolent elephant-headed god.

Several days ago, our family ventured out to North Bali to visit Menjangan island.  We happened to go out to the island on a very special Balinese holiday, Kuningan.  On this day the Balinese believe that the ancestors all come back to visit the family and so the family temples and homes are all prepared and made ready to welcome these sacred guests.

ganeshaThere is a special vibration that is tangible and all are dressed in their beautiful, traditional attire.  On the island of Menjangan there is a big temple and also a giant white statue of Ganesh.  Many boats traveled the 40-minute journey back and forth throughout the day and our family was one of the boats.

We walked around the island and then went swimming and snorkeling, too.  So beautiful!  In this video, I’d Love to share the story of Ganesha with you and also a special mantra in his honor.

I feel quite vulnerable in doing so, as it does seem quite cheesy – unless you’re singing along with the response.  This is the traditional kirtan, call and response style.  If you have an instrument, please play along.  The chord progression is simple: Am, C, G, Am.

Sending a prayer for all obstacles to be removed as we journey into 2015, and for peace and joy to be with you and yours.

Love & Light from Bali.  Omswastiastu ~ May the Gods be with you.