Eagle and Condor Prophecy

Sure as the sun rises in the east
And as waves flowing from the sea,
Comes the ancient keeper of the mystery
Telling of time based prophecy

Long ago people split in two,
Causing confusion and question, what to do?
The path of the Eagle, mind, masculine, strong
Path of the Condor, heart, feminine, Love’s song

Long has the path of the eagle flown free
Many have perished and can barely breathe
The time has come, the time is now
For the path of the Condor to rise in peace

It has been foretold the paths shall weave
Coming together, creating new conscious seeds
Laying down weapons, walls turn to dust
We can only do this together, in Love we trust

May this year bring more peace than we’ve ever seen
May our children know what it truly doth mean
To join hearts and hands with all beings, abundant and free
The change lies in the hands of both you and me.