I’m feeling so excited to have just received a beautiful new instrument, carried by a beautiful friend all the way to Bali.  Thank you, Lisa Goettel, !

I have been wishing to have one of these sweet instruments ever since I heard a friend playing one in Peru.  The sound is celestial, sweet, fun, magical, high, low, resonant, and like a lullaby…all at once! photo-3

The charango is a small Andean lute instrument that used to be made from the shell of an armadillo.  These days, wood is used to create them and I’m happy to say that this precious instrument was crafted from rosewood in Bolivia and then flown on angel wings all the way home sweet home to my heart.

Mirabelle, Jasper, & Josh keep on picking up this lil angel to jam, too.  So sweet!

I’ve got some new songs flying through…stay tuned.  Love, Love, LOVE