Celebrating Earth Day & Full Moon

1231664_10151861791771030_1777948535_nAs we celebrate Earth day today may we remember that every day is an opportunity to offer loving kindness & gratitude to our divine Pachamama, mother earth. Such an abundant jewel of beauty. Offering a prayer, may we care for her as she does for us.

Today is also full moon and a time to honor Mama Kia, Grandmother moon. As you can feel, the full moon is a time for surrender and release. An opportunity to let go. Blessed we are for this opportunity each cycle!

When we surrender and release, where does this energy go? Who is transforming this old energy for you, offering transformation and rebirth, new life?

I feel that this is often Pachamama, our beloved Mother Earth.

This song, Woman So Wise, flew through in honor of our Mother. I’ll soon be releasing a new, even more magical version of this song on my new album of prayers, Walk in Beauty. You’ll soon get to hear it with flute, drums, & bass.

Here’s the original, from this thankful heart of yours truly. Love, Love, LOVE