Butterfly People

You know that magical feeling when a butterfly lands on you?  Your heart positively flutters and skips a beat…it really is so exciting!  These magical creatures symbolize transformation, metamorphosis, and an awakening from your cocoon.
I LOVE butterflies.  butterflypeople

Here in Bali we have many butterflies that fly about and they never cease to amaze me.  I love all of their colors, I love witnessing their freedom, and I love the smiles they bring to all the souls that they float about.

Recently, I’ve been noticing even more butterflies than usual.  I’ve been having lots of visits from caterpillars, too.  Yesterday a caterpillar crawled across the front of my yoga mat! My children also have an affinity for butterflies and we often go on nature walks with the intention of finding and following butterflies – and dragonflies.
They are so magical and we always grow hushed and excited when they arrive.

Last night, I brought my children out to eat and the restaurant was quite busy.  As we spoke and waited for our food, a sweet orange butterfly landed on top of my sons hand.  His smile was enormous as he paused and held very, very still.  Then, the butterfly circled around us, landed on my nose, flew over to sit on my daughters shoulder a moment and then journeyed back over to my sons hand.  We were all on the edge of our seats!

2014-08-25 12.16.17I reached for my camera to take a photo, only to discover that my camera was too full to take another photo.  Doh!  I began deleting things, quickly trying to make space, but the butterfly had other plans that night and flew away onward and upward.  My son sweetly smiled and assured me that more butterflies will come.
I know he’s right.   2014-08-25 12.14.31

One of my children’s favorite bedtime lullaby is a Medicine Song that I learned while I was in Peru.  One night, as I was singing it, a Tibetan mantra, that’s known as a heart sutra, flowed through.

I’d Love to share this song and mantra with you.
Here are the words so you can learn it and sing along:

On the shores of a mystical ocean
There lies a cave with a magical door
All are welcome but those who enter
Never shall return not a single day more

Do you feel the rhythm of my heart beat
Beating in time with the drum in your hands
Fly away on the waves of the ocean
Seeking and finding the butterfly people

Gate Gate Para Gate
Parasam Gate Bodhi Soha

Here are a few translations for the Heart Sutra:
*Gone, gone, gone beyond, gone altogether beyond. Oh what an awakening! All hail!
*Gone, gone, gone beyond altogether beyond, Awakening, fulfilled!
*Gone, gone, gone to the Other Shore, attained the Other Shore having never left.
*Gone, gone, totally gone, totally completely gone, enlightened, so be it.
*”Oh, you have done! You have done! You have completely crossed the margin. This is Enlightenment! Congratulations!”

Use the mantra of the Prajna Paramita to take you beyond. Let it take you to the other shore. Allow it to awaken you. Let it remind you of your becoming.
Let it carry you away without your leaving.

And here is a link to me singing this song…please sing along.  🙂

Oh, and here is a photo of a very sweet and magical butterfly that landed on me on my 30th bEarthday celebration next to the river.  The day was 12/12/12 and all of my beloved sisters came for a special meditation at 12:12.

What a precious memory!  This photo-8beloved butterfly stayed perched on me all day, flying away as I swam in the river and then returning as I emerged from the water.  For hours, this periwinkle butterfly inspired a big smile.  Divine bEarthday gift.  Such a blessing.

Sending you Love and wishes that you too shall find the butterfly people, the transformation, the metamorphosis,
and the new heights you wish to fly to.

Butterflies, Love & Light *