I’m feeling so excited to have just received a beautiful new instrument, carried by a beautiful friend all the way to Bali.  Thank you, Lisa Goettel, ! I have been wishing to have one of these sweet instruments ever since I heard a friend playing one in Peru.  The sound is celestial, sweet, fun, … Keep reading Charango!

Butterfly People

You know that magical feeling when a butterfly lands on you?  Your heart positively flutters and skips a beat…it really is so exciting!  These magical creatures symbolize transformation, metamorphosis, and an awakening from your cocoon. I LOVE butterflies.  Here in Bali we have many butterflies that fly about and they never cease to amaze me.  … Keep reading Butterfly People

Yemaya – Goddess of the Ocean – Full Moon

Today is the celebration day for the Goddess & Orisha, Yemaya.  An African and Brazilian Goddess of the ocean, rivers, and all water.  She’s known as Mama Waters, a goddess who is said to have countless children, like the fish in the sea.  She’s known as a special protector of women and children. She’s also … Keep reading Yemaya – Goddess of the Ocean – Full Moon