Ambrosia Hour Power

GaneshaLilyAmbrosia hour power, singing her song
Waking me from dreams, I’ve slept so long
In the new days dawn I feel reborn
With the birds we rise, singing in the morn

Hari om tat sat ~ Hari om
Praises to the paths guiding us home
I pray for light to shine brightly
Reflecting with love for all to see

Shine on with the light from the moon
Sparkle like the twinkle of the star
Like the rays of the sun shine on everyone
May we shine our lights afar

Like a tree growing tall from a seed so small
So shall our actions and deeds install
Faith in the hearts of our children
Humanity, together we’re buildin’

As the kites float high, flying in the wind
All love shines bright, glory shall descend
Untie the knots, free up your heartstrings
Feel the power of freedom & joy it brings

We’ll sing to the sun, sing to the moon
We sing as our time is coming so soon
As we pray to pacha mama, pacha kama
Ganesha, Shiva, Krishna and Rama

Ma Durga, filling our cup
Parvati, Shakti, we are filled up
Blessings rain down from Lakshmi’s crown
Saraswati, your wisdom all around

They paved the way, our guides
And now they’re right here by our side
Won’t lose our way for they’re here to stay
Just look up if your down, brand new day.

Life, sweet life
All that you are, all that I am
You make me want to roar like a lion
And cry like a lamb

Holy Mount Zion
We hear you callin’
Gonna fly on wings of the most high
We’ll live forever, never die