All Walls Shall Turn to Dust

“All walls shall turn to dust!” I had just leaned my back against the giant wall that wraps around Palestine and I heard a voice that was strong and true. The voice spoke the words again with great conviction and I trembled, covered in goose/truth bumps. I believe this voice; I have faith in it. It gives me hope.

I recently visited Palestine and have known that I’m meant to write about my experience. I needed some time to integrate. Now, I’m ready to share.


The Apartheid Wall

During the holiday season, as many are celebrating a Merry Christmas, there is a big shadow looming in the back of my mind. The shadow is cast by this wall and the injustices I’ve witnessed. The Palestinian people that I visited shared their concerns that nobody outside of Palestine knows what they are experiencing, is listening, or even cares.

banksyx-masJesus was born in Bethlehem, which is in Palestine. Many sacred sites are surrounded by the wall. If Mary and Joseph were to travel to Bethlehem today, they would be stopped by the wall. Every Easter, there’s a procession from Bethlehem to Jerusalem with a burning torch carried to represent Jesus’s life. Now they stop at the wall, unable to continue.

The barrier encloses more than 23,000 people and creates unfathomable challenges for the people who are blocked inside, unable to move freely. There are countless travel restrictions and if you leave the country for more than 3 months then you’re never allowed to return. Many have lost their freedom, homes, and livelihood.

Freedom Theatre

It was incredible to witness this traveling group of Palestinian youth, Freedom Theatre, telling the truth of what’s happening to their home and land, bringing hope and truth. This is no easy feat, especially for a group of teenagers. However, they journey and work to spread the message of truth and to fight in this peaceful way for their homeland. They are from Jenin and have witnessed much death and turmoil in their young lives. However, they strive to give selflessly with the thought of the Palestinian youth and their families in their hearts.


This night was the last play after a couple months of travel and the play happened to be shown in the same village that it depicted. It seems fitting that in all the photos I took there is a giant orb of light surrounding the youth. The group shared their tour bus with a couple of friends and I, driving us back to Bethlehem. They sang, cheered, danced, and celebrated the whole journey. Incredible! You can find their offerings here and any support is graciously appreciated:

Circles of Love

IMG_2166While I was in Palestine I shared healing sessions, yoga, and sound healing. I made many new friends. I learned so much. The most important thing I learned was the power of LOVE. Love transcends all else. Love can break down barriers.

I shared rose quartz crystals with many new friends. This little girl very quickly popped the stone into her mouth to eat and we both got a good laugh when she realized it was a rock.

A favorite offering of mine is creating circles of songs, dance, prayer, joy, and peace. My vision is to join hearts and hands together with all beings. I had the honor of teaching songs to this amazing group of children in Palestine and I look forward to singing with them again! They were all so open and loving, giving freely of their love. There were no walls around their hearts.

May we all join together in love, hearts and songs like this, as we’re meant to be. Free.


My Prayer for Peace

This holy season of celebration is an opportunity to remember the divine light that shines from within—the connection to ALL—and the heaven within your heart. Within all hearts. May we all remember the most important teaching of Jesus and his disciples: LOVE. Love one another. This is true Christ consciousness.

Beneath this full moon, during this magical solstice celebration, and during this time of acknowledging Christ and the light that shines within all, I offer a prayer.

I pray that we may all acknowledge the walls within, around our hearts, blocking us and holding us back from the true freedom and potential that lies within. May we all learn and grow by imagining ourselves in someone else’s shoes. May we cultivate compassion.

May we all feel supports in our struggles. May we support others.

We have all felt overwhelmed by emotions before. We’ve all felt the weight of the world on our shoulders. Below is an image of the garden of Gethsemane, where it is said that Jesus felt the pain and suffering of all humankind.


Love One Another

I remember the lyrics to my favorite words from Jesus, a scripture and song in church as I grew up, so simple and divine:

“A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another, even as I have loved you, that you also love one another. By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.”

Loving your beloved comes easily and yet sometimes it feels more challenging to fully accept our families, neighbors, friends, and strangers for the things that we don’t understand. And yet we’re not asked to understand. We’re invited to give love unconditionally to all beings. We all have this potential within our hearts.

IMG_2188I have an especially soft spot in my heart for Jesus Christ. 9 years ago I journeyed through the experience of bleeding to death. Before I was resuscitated and re-filled in the emergency room I found myself in the celestial realm, surrounded by multitudes of light beings.

Jesus welcomed me in the center along with other beloveds who had passed into the light, and yet as I looked more closely at their beaming faces they transformed into light and the song of each souls vibration—each a different tone like a singing bowl. I’ve never felt so welcomed and at home. There were no walls.

Truth be told, I didn’t want to return to earth. I wished to stay in that divine, exquisite realm. However, there is work to be done on this earth. As long as there is work to be done I have promised to help. This is my dharma, my mission. There are walls that need help transforming into dust, with gentility and yet strength.

In the desert outside of Bethlehem I saw this flower in the dirt. She has pushed her way up against the odds. She stood seemingly alone and yet surrounded and supported by love. She seems so fragile and yet she’s STRONG.


More and more, as we all let down our guards and allow walls to crumble, we’ll see more and more flowers around us that are so fragile, gentle, and beautiful. Yet strong. Let’s water, nurture, and love all flowers, each unique and divine. There are countless walls throughout time and space and many of them are within. They surround hearts, voices, confidence, stability, and much more. Yet we have the power to transform these walls into dust.

Pretty please, may we see the divine within each flower, each pebble, each creature, each human being…and build it up with our loving kindness and support. This is a prayer that I offer from my heart. From all hearts, as we’re all connected.

You’re invited to light a candle and shine bright as the full moon, the stars, the sun, and your Love. If you feel to cry, please cry and release everything you’ve been holding so that all walls within may turn to dust. Many are praying for water and we have much to share from within. I pray that you let your guard down, let all walls turn to dust, flow, and shine.

Mother Mary's tomb

As I lit a candle at Mother Mary’s tomb in Jerusalem, this song came to mind and followed me throughout my journey. Although the recording is simple and on my phone with just my guitar and voice, the magic of this song by the Beatles and the vibration of Palestine resonates. “There will be an answer, let it be, let it be.” Gratitude, Mother Mary.

Remember the women and children and all of the people who don’t have a voice. This is the time to listen and feel. To offer a voice for those who have been silent all these years, who haven’t had the power to communicate. We’re listening. We hear. Speak up. The time is now to rise, together. If you are fortunate enough to have a voice, to be able to read, to be able to express yourself – this is nothing short of a miracle! The time has come to help bring voices and strength to all. As I saw this image on the wall, “Remember the women and children” my heart strings were plucked and they ached as I vowed to never forget them and to offer my voice, my heart, and anything that’s needed for those who do not have. I know that I’m not alone. I know that your heart strings have also been plucked. Listen to the sound, the vibration…let it rise up and be free.


Not only in Palestine, but in many parts of the world there are people who feel lost, alone, scared, unsupported, and unloved. The feelings and emotions cause so much suffering and sadly enough, they cause even bigger walls to be built around hearts and within people who are protecting themselves from further pain and suffering. Building walls creates bigger and thicker walls.

I have faith in the words that I heard:

“All walls shall turn to dust!”

Thank you for reading this and for being the divine light you bring to our universe.
I Love you. Namaste ~

Joy of the Lord